Anything that can be automated, should be

Software is the result of ideas from people no smarter than you or I. Automation is designed by people using software that are, again, no smarter than you or I.

The right automation can touch the lives of nearly every human in the world, even if they are unaware of it.

Automation has been around long before software existed. Automation used to be simply a standard operating procedure and/or process. Pre-software automation had failures. Software has failures. As you already know, software has significantly less failures than non-software automations (ie processes).

To build a more automated workflow, you often have to start with a person-in-the-loop process. Over time, the cost of the person being in the loop will become too high causing software and robots (ie mechanical devices driven by software) to step in.

I am not alone in thinking that automation is both a good thing and is accelerating exponentially.

With this in mind, who will be doing the automation?